November 2020

Lockdown here again in France . Beautiful sunny days , everywhere peaceful .


Everyday I have been sewing onto Phase II of Lockdown - using sheer silks (dyed with avocado skins and other plant materials) , vintage fabric fragments and old paper.


All hand stitched , the meditative quality of one stitch at a time to build up a textural surfaces - both satisfying and rewarding to see the ‘growth’. All placed upon an old piece of soft woolen blanket, building up the composition as I would a painting.


September 2020


Everything planned this year has fallen by the wayside - fed up now of this COVID world. Exhibition, workshops and visits back to the U.K. cancelled.

I have been busy, working with a friend to get my website refreshed -

Also making vintage paper collage pieces, all quite small and hand held size, I do want to transfer this technique onto/with cloth.
Still sewing my ‘Lockdown Days‘ piece.
Hope you are all sewing and making and keeping cheerful.